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IWC Portuguese replica Sailing Elite ChronographIWC mentioned the planet, see the table of individuals well aware this is an excellent brand. IWC mentioned Portugal series, we can think the distant Iberian Peninsula in the small country, I don't know that would have thought the 16th century, stuck been the Portuguese Empire, I do think precisely why the nations access to "Portugal "As the navigation series watch, must be while using great navigation duration of Portugal's unique navigation technology." Today, we watch your house to take you to definitely a universal Portuguese series of classic navigation watch.- IWC Portuguese replica Series Sailing Elite Chronograph watches , its product model is IW390501Once upon a time, IWC countries have this type of slogan - "We only produced a small amount of people but contain the best quality watch" - resounded from the sky; years vast, I would not know how many friends remember or view the 20th century 67 The decade on the hottest IWC - the 1967 Nautical Elite watch and the 1977 Seagate Elite II watch. Brilliant, that is left behind is not just the glory with this some time to the loneliness, together with IWC perseverance and innovation, lastly, this season breitling watches replica , the navigation elite watch with timekeeping function with attribution and title - World Portugal Number of nautical elite chronograph - regain new life for several IWC fans and fans, its temptation is bound to be irresistible.聽聽Wanguo Portuguese combination of marine elite chronograph watch would be the World Number of Portuguese watches essentially the most movement of the table style, in a few short years became one of the most popular Portuguese watches. A fly in the ointment is 45.4 mm * 14.5 mm case diameter for most of us with regard to several of the larger.聽聽IWC over the country go through the Care, intentions to complete the table concept, and soon meet the needs of the table fans. IWC Portuguese series within the 75th anniversary with the birth in the IWG Portugal Series Sailing Elite Chronograph with a slightly streamlined size, more healthy wrist lugs plus a new strap grand debut, carefully made to increase the risk for watch more timekeeping Elegant and harmonious. The most dramatic changes , compared to case diameter from 45.4 mm to 43.5 mm.Case size 43.5 mm * 14.5 mm, while you're watching case has been mentioned specifically reduced the diameter of two millimeters, here to share with you an individual case material, case by 18k rose gold casting, do not look down this 18k Rose gold, it's generally known hundreds of thousands of watches have been ready to use such materials, which watch the opposite two brothers IW390502 and IW390503, because accessibility to steel material, the retail price can be a full difference of half . Crown also uses 18K rose gold, screwed to the design, thread modification, very easy to grasp, brand identity, trustworthy. For the left and right sides with the crown, symmetrical distribution of these two protective devices along with the kind of the yacht about the deck in the pile of time button, graceful.18K rose gold case with silver dial, colorful beautiful. Lugs an accidents from the integration of structure, a small curvature of the lug design, wear more convenient.Durable, wear a comfortable rubber strap perfect to bring out the replica watches slender, sports characteristics. Clasp using a classic button-style design, the reputation of heritage.IWC Portugal Series Sailing Elite Chronograph equipped with rugged 89361-type self-made chronograph movement, the entire chain can offer 68 hours power reserve, the movement comes with flyback function along with the pointer timing time display, water depth of 60 meters, is sailing The top partner. Back over the design, leisure is usually one of many leisurely goods for any creation that the charm of mechanical operation.From the dial design really spent many thought, apple iphone 4 two small dial echoes, the left IWC brand name and the correct with the date display window is busy singing as well as a, rolex women watch this up and down around Symmetrical kind of the pattern is not Chinese people's favorite? The central dial sometimes minute pointer as well as the scale, the aforementioned small dial sometimes pointer and scale, the subsequent small dial and 2nd hand and scale, require time and time, each independent.A peek to view the luminous display dial, we certainly be aware of the heart, the central dial when the pointer is needed to adopt time, and not just remember to facilitate in daytime and night time is also convenient. Every country even for each one of the 1-12 scale provides you with a luminous, 12-point scale also specifically pre-loaded with two luminous, inconvenient? The topic back, the second hand is not lit, which is not in the central dial on the top. At six o'clock there exists a little pointer which has been moving, it's really a small second. Small dial in between also marked "YACHTCLUB", which watch even experienced a little relationship using the yacht club, curious table friends might wish to consider the story to their rear.Time for the timing function, the central dial with the red signal is made to complete the used seconds One minute, not only that, One minute also particularly in the scale of each second scale designed quarter of any second scale scale for your transient stall time is measured. 12 o'clock position of the small dial is for Sixty minutes and 12 hours of energy clock, the inner ring for 12 hours, the outer ring for Sixty minutes, and time and energy to see the total hours and minutes displayed.聽聽Only a particular time display without calendar display watch, for some "amnesia" patients, it truly is how horrible thing, which watch at 3 o'clock position that has a special time display window, the lifestyle might be more simple to use.9 o'clock position marked "IWC SCHAFFHASEN", meaning the nations Schaffhausen (Schaffhausen is the birthplace of the nations brand), in the neutral spot to make a brand promotion, the dial layout looks more harmonious beautiful.IWC IWC watches with the grade of the watch carefully, or perhaps the center from the classic charm, but will also in the middle of the requirements of modern people. The watch inherits the classic elegance of the IWC replica watches, with 18k rose gold plus a silver-plated case revealing the elegance, which certainly not conceals its outstanding sporting style as well as extremely rugged qualities . It is a wonderful bride, is also a perfect sports partner.