Rolex Sea-Dweller DeepseaToday, there was clearly a watchfair in Houten/Netherlands. There is currently nothing on my small ‘shortlist rolex sale yet it is only a 30 minutes drive from the city my home in watches , and it’s always nice to meet another watch fanatics. It seemed that the whole Dutch Rolex Forum crew was there. I also shook hands with just a few of my forum sponsors, including JK of JK Watchstore.He demonstrated this new Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea, a.k.a Rolex Dipsy (ref.116660). Although Rolex is doing the orders in this watch, it isn’t a watch that you’ll see often to the coming months. The watch is BIG. To start with sight, a whole lot greater than my regular Sea-Dweller (ref.16600) and my fairly big IWC Ingenieur (3227-01). However, after trying it on, it genuinely suited my wrist quite perfectly. cheap rolex This is actually a sign for me to have a much more management of my weight ofcourse. 😉Anyway, the watch looks big and is big. However if you can, try one to be certain if this suits you you aren't. On the Basel 2008 pictures and photos (see below) I needed seen till now I reckoned how the lettering ‘Original Gas Escape Valveand ‘Ring Lock Systemaround the innerbezel would annoy me. It didn’t. I actually didn’t even notice it in the beginning, only if I studied the dial/face a bit better. Bad the photos for the official Rolex site are focussing a bit too much within this lettering. Well, perhaps a number of people DO enjoy it.The thickness of the watch suits the bigger diameter of 43mm. The bracelet is equivalent to the ‘oldSea-Dweller bracelet, until you flip it and see the clasp. The brand new clasp system is a 100% improvement over the old clasp (that probably wasn’t way too hard to obtain). The micro adjustment may be accomplished with minimum effort but pulling the guts the main GlideLock(r) clasp and re-adjust it. Pleasant. The one con I will think about, could be the sized the bracelet. Within my humble opinion, the bracelet really should be a straight bracelet (everywhere precisely the same size) rather than a tapered model. What about a nice rubber diving strap is going to do the 😉 I don’t determine if the Panerai OEM rubber strap will fit, but that will probably look very cool.Below are a few pictures from JK’s website:The price tag on this watch is 7060 Euro (BNIB, 2008) at JK’s watch store.Additionally, JK sent me a lot more pictures of the GlideLock clasp. replica breitling blackbird review watches
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